I can provide you with in-house corporate-trainings and the possibility to master your tasks and challenges in a relaxed environment in my TrainingRoom in Munich, Schwabing.

All that in your new language: safe and expressive.

The training takes place, depending on the selected methods and reasons to learn:

in person with documents or multimedia. I can also provide: online-coaching.

Starting with a brief training in reasonable language-basics I will provide you with a good overview for understanding and comprehension of the german language-structure. Through this you will be able to understand your collegues and fellows quickly. Soon after that we will train your personal relevant content and specifics of the german culture, applicable to your needs.

All that in german, in a applied language training and in your context!

Training can be easyly integrated into your daily business focus.



  1. single-training sessions and group sessions

  2. all grous are between 3 and 6 people

  3. all certifications are provided from level A1 to level C1

  4. all trainings are in accordance with the european frame of languages (CEF)



  1. exklusive one-to-one trainig      

  2. inspirational group training     

  3. continuous conversation group-classes

  4. online-coaching


from 0 to 100!

compact quick-training developed for the top-sports. period:          

  1. 6 weeks of daily training (week days), each 90 minutes

  2. 3 - 6 months of 2 training-slots per week, each 90 minutes



in small groups of 3 to 6 persons.

for managers with just a little time ressource. period:

6 weekends

  1. saturday from 10.00 am to 04.00 pm including an external lunch excursion

  2. sunday from 11.00 am to 04.00 pm including an external coffee break excursion

Business language & terminology

a focused language training for your profession:

marketing, sales, discipline specific terminology, management meetings, motivation, leadership

All training programs refer to the european frame for languages (CEFR).



  1. relevant contents

  2. easy and quick integration into your daily business focus

  3. no long lasting training of language basics

  4. cultural understanding & style

  5. new perspectives beyond the training itself



  1. budget and time effiziency

  2. customised formates

  3. managers can quickly take part in german

  4. cultural integrated manager

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