The success of this training is based on the specific focus and on the wishes and current capabilities of the students, accompanied with interdisciplinary training methods, my intuition and many years of experience.

Students will not be taught under strict learning modules but rather the modules and the methods are customised using the potential of their personalities, their mother tongue, their reasons for study and the situations they want to understand best. A truly personalised training program!

Fun and efficiency are always the primary considerations.

The individual focus of the training sessions leads to a time and budget efficient program.

Due to the compact and target-oriented content you won´t need a „long lasting training of language-basics“. The language will be applied relevantly to the context in which students wish to communicate!

, heart & brainways
, concentrates mindsets and training ideas from top-class sport- and management-training, uses techniques from motivational training, mental training, NLP programs and philosophy.

  1. relevant content is conveyed and trained.

  2. innovative methods and teaching materials are applied.

  3. efficient budget- and time-utilisation is your benefit.

Training can take place in the most convenient way for your needs :

  1. in person and multimedia

  2. online-coaching

Quality management and education controlling provides a documented high standard.


All training programs refer to the european frame for languages (CEFR).





  1. customised approach

  2. quick & sustainable

  3. successful communication

  4. new perspectives beyond the training itself


  1. personality-relevant

  2. capability-appropriate
    learning methods

  3. relevant contents

  4. interdisciplinary:  You benefit from the content of  management training and the training plans from the top-sports

  5. innovative teaching materials

  6. training for authentic and successful communication

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